Nina Conti: Work In Progress: Soho Theatre, London, 2018

I saw Nina Conti perform a work in progress hour at the Soho Theatre, London in July 2018 for her new show: Nina Conti Is Monkey.  Her character Monkey, a sweet looking animal puppet with a filthy mouth provided by Conti works well; is very funny and is put to good and amazing use. For me, the best part of the hour was where Conti used a well-known manoeuvre to turn her audience into dummies by strapping them into half masks and operating their mouths at arms-length so they look as if they were talking. She flaps their elongated mouth lips up and down and gives them self-satisfied or whingeing male or female voices using ventriloquism.  The masks are a cartoonish device that works really well and members of the picked audience can be passive or active when suggested to do something by Conti.  In the show I saw one ended up dancing and two ended up on a date.  Conti is a class act and a very funny solid hour of comedy done by a master of her craft.

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