The Off The Kerb Showcase: The Comedy Store, London, 2018
Always Be Comedy (3 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018

 One of the highlights of the evening, I saw Rosie Jones do a ten minute slot for the Off The Kerb showcase at The Comedy Store, London in April 2018. I saw her again at Always Be Comedy in May and June where Jones performed her Edinburgh preview show at Always Be Comedy. Her confidence soared on stage as she delivered one great funny punchline after the other drawing the audience into her world.   Jones had a very inspiring and playful way of piercing the audience’s natural suspicion about laughing at a disabled woman with cerebral palsy. Her slow speech made the audience listen and the pay-off punchlines to her stories were uproariously funny.  After a very successful Edinburgh Fringe, I saw Jones again at Always Be Comedy in November 2018.  Jones has left the stage every-time to a well-deserved massive cheer from the crowd and over the year, it has been wonderful to see her flourish as a brilliant comedian.

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