Boatshow Comedy Club: The Tattershall Castle, Embankment, London, 2018
Brett Goldstein: What Is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2018
Films To Be Buried With Live with Brett Goldstein: National Film Theatre, Southbank, London, 2018
Films To Be Buried With Live with Brett Goldstein: National Film Theatre, Southbank, London, 2019

Brett Goldstein appeared at the Boatshow Comedy Club in London in May 2018.  As I sat in anticipation, I was looking forward to seeing a comedy circuit favourite of mine make the audience laugh.  He wandered on to the stage and began his routine to a somewhat drunken and difficult audience.  What was great to see was that he displayed a great sense of vigour and amiability on stage and he managed to extract laughs from some great lines in his work-in-progress routine.

It was an absolute joy to see Brett Goldstein’s Edinburgh Fringe show in August 2018.  The show focussed on relationships, and particularly his personal issues encompassing them.  He made an amazing entrance to the show acting out an Ibiza nightclub scene that was extremely amusing.  He is such an engaging storyteller that he grabbed the attention and the funny bone of the audience from start to finish.

Many an evening I have spent in a pub talking about films having watched as, to date I have seen over 1500 pictures. in November 2018, I was therefore very pleased to see Films To Be Buried With Live at the National Film Theatre in London.  This is a podcast presented by Goldstein with the imaginary scenario that the guest has unfortunately died. It has so far featured different comedians (To date guests have included Aisling Bea, Nick Helm, Jack Whitehall and more) being interviewed about their life and career influenced by their favourite films.  If anyone is interested, a handful of mine would include It’s A Wonderful Life, Singin’ In The Rain, Sideways, Educating Rita, Get Carter, Hannah and Her Sisters, Bladerunner, Lost In Translation, Back To The Future, and Raiders of The Lost Ark.  I always enjoy watching any film with my favourite actor Jack Lemmon and the run of great comedies starring Steve Martin and directed by Carl Reiner.  The link to the podcast is:

The first of the live shows saw actor Will Poulter being interviewed and the evening, like the podcast was very educational, informative, funny and entertaining.  Goldstein brought all his stand-up experience and clearly his love of films, quickly identifying key scenes and witty facts about the chosen film when required.   After the success of the first live show, I was delighted another in February 2019 with guest Lolly Adefope.  Again it was another hilarious and informative evening and  really hope that it can be continuous for Goldstein to do his podcast live at the NFT at regular intervals with a different guest as this was a very enjoyable hour watching one of my favourite comedians talking about one of my favourite subjects.

Goldstein is a great stand-up comic, interviewer and actor who is a very warm, friendly and funny man and I look forward very much to seeing him again soon.

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