Mark Thomas: Check Up Our NHS @ 70: Battersea Arts Centre, London, 2019

In 2011, I spent ten days in hospital for a major back operation. I am now ok but having never spent time in hospital before, Whipps Cross Hospital in East London was unfamiliar to me and I felt alone, helpless and scared for my future and I was in a lot of pain.  As I was being sedated before the operation took place and to make small talk because of nerves, I asked the Scottish surgeon who was going to perform my operation where he was from. He replied that he was from Edinburgh and after telling him that I went to the Fringe Festival every year, I then started to tell terrible jokes. After a few jokes with no responses, I was asleep and unresponsive. The operation took place and I woke up in a daze back at the ward and finished telling the jokes to whoever was listening! It took me a while to realise where I was and what was happening but the nurses and staff on that ward were some of the most courageous, supportive and friendly people I have ever met who seemed to calmly deal with a crisis at any given moment.

Mark Thomas’ show that I saw at The Battersea Arts Centre in April 2019 celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service. The comedian looked at the its current state, where it is going and what needs to be done to keep it. The show was filled with detailed, well researched facts from the angry, energetic and extremely likeable political activist and stand-up comedian. Thomas’ summarised the performance by explaining to the audience that the NHS is held together by goodwill, faith and public service and not solely by profit. I was in complete agreement with him as I will never forget my time in hospital. The great, witty raconteur delivered a though-provoking, entertaining show and I for one want to thank the NHS for all that it does.

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    Yeah, I totally agree with this, the NHS is amazing. 🙂

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