Always Be Comedy (2 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019

Joe Wilkinson returned to Always Be Comedy in February and April 2018 and then again in May 2019 where he gave three of his funniest, off-beat performances.  Wilkinson is a recurring comedian at the club, and I have very much warmed to his bizarre style of comedy.

When Wilkinson saw me in a pub where after we had separately been in the audience for the solo show of Jarlath Regan that I saw at Leicester Square Theatre in London, Wilkinson was an ordinary, very friendly bloke.  When he was on stage at Always Be Comedy, he was wonderfully odd and innocent that made him and his unusual sketches and musings very funny and endearing to the crowd.   It was a wonderful act that consistently made laugh.

As an aside, I am very appreciative of the positive comments about this blog that Wilkinson gave me when I met him after his sets.

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