Birdies Comedy: The Savoy Tup, The Strand, London, 2018
Paul Cox: Unattended: Arista Café and Gallery, Brighton, 2019

I went back to Birdies free comedy night in London in January 2018 and Paul Cox was the headliner.  I had seen him at the night on other occasions and the lively comic from Portsmouth delivered more very amusing stories about his family life which made me laugh uproariously.

What is always a joy to see is how an act develops into a great comedian.   I saw Cox perform at the Arista Café and Gallery for the Brighton Fringe in May 2019 and he did some of the funniest forty minutes of new and reliable material in front of a very encouraging audience.  Like a cross between Paul McCaffrey and a young Mickey Flanagan, Cox described his homelife and of being a father with such wit and brilliantly constructed jokes that I was laughing all the way back to London on the train.  Cox is a real find who deserves big success.

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