Always Be Comedy (3 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
The Big Funny Festival: The Old Deer Park, Richmond, 2019

Nish Kumar is a regular favourite at Always Be Comedy and I watched him perform there in May, June and September 2018.  I have seen him many occasions at the club and every time he gets better and better.   The righteous comedian displayed loads of wit and charm onstage to keep the audience engrossed and laughing.  Kumar is a topical, well informed and hilarious who was slick and sharp with the crowd.

I saw Kumar headline again at The Big Funny Festival at Richmond in June 2019.  His strong politically opinionated set was powered by outrage at what is wrong with the world.  His passionate delivery was garnished with witty and pithy turns of phrase making the audience crease with laughter and proved again he is one of the country’s best comedians.

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