Always Be Comedy (2 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
Abandoman: Pirate Radio: Underbelly, George Square, Edinburgh, 2018
Always Be Comedy (2 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019

One of my very favourite current comedy acts, Abandoman, created by Irish musical comedy rapping genius Rob Broderick never fails to entertain and is extremely funny.  Abandoman headlined the first Always Be Comedy showcase that I saw in January 2018 and then again in May 2018 for an Edinburgh preview show.  Usually with different on-stage line-ups, Broderick is currently a one-man band using a sound system controlled from a device around his neck connected to a PC to play melodies at will to rap to.  The genius of the act comes from the rapping.  Broderick can make up and produce seemingly any hilarious comedic song based on audience items, suggestions or just about anything.  This is what makes the act so original and unique because the show is different every time as everything is based on audience reaction. Broderick is amazing to watch and always seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself on stage.  When I met him again after the show, he was as ever warm and friendly.

People say that everybody has a double and for me for years mine was Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, the British ski-jumper famous at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games.  The likeness is not as much today but in Edwards’ heyday and when I was at college I was the absolute spitting image of him.  I saw Abandoman perform his full Edinburgh Fringe show: Pirate Radio in August 2018 Using the idea of creating a radio station for different segments of the show, once again, Broderick utilised the audience to brilliant effect by asking for obscure objects or stories to sing about making them up from sometimes the smallest fragments of information.  He can also invite audience members up onto the stage which is what happened to me.  When he asked me for something unique about myself, I told him that I looked like Eddie Edwards and ended up with the other picked audience members impersonating the famous ski-jump stance whilst Broderick rapped a brilliantly lyrical song involving Edwards’ exploits.  It was an inspired turn from a great show that was both illuminating and entertaining.

The great man returned to headline Always Be Comedy in January 2019 and then again for his new Edinburgh Fringe preview show in June 2019.  On both occasions, he took command with his comedic rapping skills and the audience were thoroughly entertained and exhausted from laughing and cheering.  Broderick is an exceptionally talented and genuinely funny man who has an irreplaceable and unique act that deserves every success.

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