Jarlath Regan: Organ Freeman: Leicester Square Theatre, London, 2018
99 Comedy Club: Ruby Blue, Leicester Square, London, 2018

The Best of The Comedy Store: Udderbelly Festival, Southbank, London, 2018
The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club: Oldham Street, Manchester, 2019
Always Be Comedy (2 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019

Jarlath Regan is a very funny, very likeable Irishman.  I was so impressed with his one-man show Organ Freeman at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe that I saw it again in London in January 2018. The show centres on a very personal journey and is extremely heartfelt and very funny.  I was delighted when I arrived at the venue that I had to queue to get in and the show was a sell-out.  Playing to a much bigger crowd this time, Regan is a very engaging comic and what was particularly impressive was for every serious point made a punchline was not far away which kept the audience engaged, listening and amused.  Indeed I laughed so hard at one point Regan pointed towards me and said ‘I recognise that laugh!’ I met him in a pub after the show and praised him on giving us a great night out and wished him every success with the tour.  Regan is a great story teller and a great comedian.

I saw Regan again in March and June 2018.  Both times he was compered for the 99 Club Comedy night in Leicester Square and The Best of the Comedy Store at the Udderbelly Festival on the Southbank in London.  Again, the classy Irish comic stormed both shows with his expert delivery and brilliant audience interaction combined with a soothing informality and very likeable persona. He skilfully constructed one very funny routine after another before introducing the other acts onto the stage.

Regan appeared again at The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club, Manchester in May 2019 where he topped the bill and again in the same month at Always Be Comedy where he was clearly confident and in total control of his audience when he delivered wonderful poignant, warm and funny stories of being a father which were extremely witty.  He returned once again to Always Be Comedy in September 2019 where he effortlessly compered the evening.

Regan is a great comedian and a fantastic storyteller who is highly recommended and well worth seeing on stage.

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