Always Be Comedy (2 shows): The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019
Kiri Pritchard McLean: Victim, Complex: The Firestation, Carlisle, 2019
Berk’s Nest Mid-Fest Comedy Special: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2019
Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019

 Kiri Pritchard McLean guested at Always Be Comedy in January 2019.  Her big, brassy presence together with a routine of no-nonsense, direct, sometimes filthy stories of love, life and relationships was endearing to the encouraging audience and McLean delivered belly laughs throughout her set.

I saw her again on tour in April 2019.  I don’t normally go to a comedy gig on my own, but I was in Carlisle and on this occasion, I was very glad I did.  McLean presented a searing honest account of an incident in her life that clearly affected her told with honesty, cutting dark wit, extremely funny asides and relatable audience interaction. Her ability to make an audience listen to her story and make them continuously laugh was extremely impressive.  On stage, she was effortlessly on stage with the audience clearly engaging with them.

I saw Pritchard McLean again perform at the Berk’s Nest Mid-Fest Comedy Special at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2019 and again for Always Be Comedy in September 2019.  Her ten-minute routines about her love-life was tight, concise, brilliantly constructed and exceptionally funny.

Pritchard McLean is very engaging to watch and a fearless, likeable, great comedian.

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