As this blog shows, I have seen many great comedians give memorable and hilarious performances over the years.  However, I have often wondered what makes these fearless brave heroes appear live on stage every night and be funny. So I have decided to interview them online to  try and find out. Please click on the comedian’s blue link below to watch my interview (The interviews with * next to the date contain strong language and/or adult themes):

1. DARREN WALSH (recorded 18/12/20):
2. JO CAULFIELD (recorded 21/12/20 *):
3. SION JAMES (recorded 04/01/21 *):
4, MATT RICHARDSON (recorded 05/01/21 *):
5. STEVE GRIBBIN (recorded 07/01/21 *):
6. TOM DEACON (recorded 10/01/21 *):