Welcome to the Monthly Comedy Quiz page of A Rich Comic Life.  First of all, here are the answers to last month’s quiz:

November 2023: Comedy Films

1b) Steve Martin

2c) Way Out West

3d) Manhattan

4b) Film star

5a) 1979

6d) The Lake District

7d) $1

8b) The Dude

9c) The Comedy Store Players

10c) 8

The following quiz (some of which have been featured on the British Comedy Guide website including: Edinburgh Fringe Quiz – British Comedy Quiz – British Comedy Guide) is just for fun and will be updated each month to concentrate on a particular topic to do with the world of comedy.  Please complete the 10 questions by clicking the checkbox next to your answer (without looking at the internet) and submit the quiz by clicking the Finish button.  I hope you enjoy the monthly quiz…




#1. How many television viewers did The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show attract when it aired on BBC1 on Christmas Day 1977?

#2. The Christmas episode of Only Fools and Horses entitled Heroes and Villains, featured Del and Rodney dressed as who?

#3. In The Royle Family at Christmas broadcast in 2000, what did Jim Royle receive as a Christmas present?

#4. In The Vicar of Dibley episode entitled The Christmas Lunch Incident, first shown in 1996, how many Christmas lunches is Geraldine the vicar invited to, on Christmas Day?

#5. Mrs Brown’s Boys is a regular Christmas TV favourite. What is the first name of Mrs Brown?

#6. In One Foot in The Algarve from 1993, Victor Meldrew is persued by a Paprazzi photographer called Martin Trout whilst on holiday. Who played the character?

#7. In the Christmas episode of the classic sitcom The Good Life from 1977, the Leadbetters are forced to spend Christmas with the Goods. During party games, Margo refused to wear a party hat, because it was made from which newspaper?

#8. In A Christmassy Ted, the Father Ted Christmas Special from 1996, where do Father Ted and Father Dougal get lost?

#9. In the 1986 seasonal episode of Last of The Summer Wine, which character is rented out as a rooftop father Christmas?

#10. In the 2019 Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey, how old is Neil the Baby?