JAMES GILL (Co founder: Always Be Comedy):

‘Richard Gill is the king of comedy and has become as synonymous with British comedy as many of the great names he so clearly idolises. The comedy world is that much richer (pun absolutely intended) for having him in it. We’re not related, although I wish we were: Richard is the best. So many acts love the guy. What a tonic he is.’


‘I just wanted to say I think what you do and how much you love comedy is utterly magical. Thank you.’

SEANN WALSH (Comedian):

‘The world is a better place with you, my friend.’


‘You are one of my favourite audience members. Lovely to see you.’


‘Love all the support you give to comedians. You’re a great inspiration Rich! Thank you.’


‘Rich is a lot of fun. His blog is smashing.’

AISLING BEA (Comedian):

‘Particularly brill audience member.’

CHRIS RAMSEY (Comedian):

‘Top comedy fan. Lovely bloke.’


‘Always a pleasure to have your friendly laugh in the room.’


‘If you ever see Richard Gill in your audience, you can say a prayer of thanks. You are about to have your greatest gig. He is the living embodiment of the perfect audience member.’


‘Amen to that! What a hero!’

MATT FORDE (Comedian):

‘You are always so kind and supportive, Thank you.’

TOM DEACON (Comedian):

‘Thanks for continuing to champion good comedy.’


‘Always an absolute pleasure to see you mate. I wish you were at every gig.’


‘Thanks for being such a supporter of comedy and comedians. We need more like you.’


‘Thanks for coming along and setting the audience bar so high.’


‘Always good to have you in the audience, Richard.’

PAUL COX (Comedian):

‘Richard Gill is the most prestigious audience member an act could hope for.’

MATT RICHARDSON (Comedian and DJ):

‘I think Richard Gill is the greatest single audience member in the country.’

RICH WILSON (Comedian):

‘I have nothing but love and respect for you Rich my friend, and I’d happily listen to you all day. What a life you’ve had! Can’t wait to see you and hear that magical laugh!’


‘It meant a huge amount to me to have Richard Gill see me for the first time gigging last night and critiquing my set. Richard is arguably the most knowledgeable comedy critic and fan not paid for the skill and experience he possesses. He takes his holidays to see numerous carefully selected acts at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year. He has seen hundreds of stand ups over 45 years and records his thoughts for his own pleasure. A true comedy aficionado…’

JEN BRISTER (Comedian):

‘So lovely to have you in the audience.’

JONATHAN BOULTON (Co-founder: Yalla Laughs – Abu Dhabi):

‘Richard is a comedy audience legend. He has seen them all from Les Dawson to Bill Hicks to Chevy Chase. He also supported me at the start of my comic journey.’


‘Richard, I am very grateful for your kind words and support.’


‘Arguably the audience are equal to or even more important than the acts in creating a fun comedy night, and when it comes to contributing audience members, Richard Gill is king of the hill. He listens intently, laughs infectiously, always encourages, is very knowledgeable and really helps to make a lively and fun atmosphere. A very funny, genuine and warm man – put it this way, if Carling did audience members they would not be anyway near as good as Richard Gill. Richard brings great energy and attitude into a room. He has a huge impact on the night. The audience are the biggest factor in a show. He leads by example and it is great. He really does give a turbo boost to a comedy night and should be rightfully acknowledged for his great and encouraging fun contribution and his extensive knowledge of comedy.’

VIX LEYTON (Comedian):

‘Richard Gill should run courses on being the best audience member. When you see him in the crowd you know it is going to be a good night. He is quick and generous with his praise and a huge asset to the comedy community, as well as one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.’


NICK GILL (Brother and Executive Creative Director of BBH London):

‘I think Rich has created a whole new literary genre here. His comedy blog is not rounded enough to be called a ‘review’, not critical enough to be deemed a ‘critique’. One might describe ‘A Rich Comic Life’ as an ‘enthuse’. His words reflect only love and respect for the brave heroes and heroines he writes about. He is a champion of all and a knocker of none and should be praised for the encouragement he gives back to the many who give so much.

Having listened to his interviews, Rich speaks with absolute authority – like an informed connoisseur – and is able to answer every question with a great historical anecdote. His love of comedy just shines through with so much affection and enthusiasm.’


IAN WOOD (Carlisle):

‘I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Richard for nearly 50 years and it has been great to see the joy that he gets from his love of comedy. On trips to the Fringe seeing first-hand the warmth that the comics showed towards him was just rewards for the warmth and humour he shows himself to us all. All the luck in the world with your blog pal!’


‘I have had the dubious pleasure of knowing Richard for over 15 years, including 4 glorious years sharing a flat with him. Two northerners together, searching for the meaning of life and enjoying all the entertainment that is on offer in London town! We started to see more comedy and eventually I joined him at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008 and I haven’t missed one since. Richard plans a comprehensive Fringe itinerary for our stay – which never disappoints – due to his immense knowledge of the comedy circuit; not just established acts but also a sense of up and coming talent. Thank you Richard for sharing your passion and for many laughs over the years! Long may it continue!’


‘I have known Richard for over 20 years – we met at work, but soon gravitated to the pub and have had many a good night putting the world to rights. But only in the last few years have I had the opportunity to share his love of comedy when he persuaded me to come to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014. I’ve been back every year since and this year – 2018 – I got to play the role as his official photographer, as he loves to meet the comedians after the show. His respect for their work is immense and his enthusiasm is genuine. He never has a bad word to say about any one. A Fringe experience curated by Richard involves the best of comedy, music and theatre. But a word of warning to the audience: if you sit next to Richard, beware, he rocks with enthusiasm, and laughs so loudly – which is why the comedians on stage can often hear his roar. What a legend!’


‘I look forward to reading the blog every week from my old friend who has the loudest laugh on the comedy circuit!’

JO BATY (London / Cumbria):

‘I met Richard at Carlisle Technical College too many years ago! He hasn’t changed. He has had that bellowing voice and laugh for years and for me, he sums up everything which is brilliant about being Cumbrian. Richard is loud, straight-talking and lives life to the full, enjoying every minute and appreciating everyone around him. He is a tonic. Richard has always loved comedy – his head is a massive filing cabinet (no offence, not saying your head is rectangular!) of facts and stories and jokes and hence his Blog came as no surprise – it had to happen!’

GUILHERME SOUZA (Work Colleague):

‘I have known and worked with Richard Gill for a number of years. He used to hold legendary quiz nights for the staff, and I was once invited along to one. It was then that I saw a different side to Richard. The administrator had turned into an entertainer. And a fine one at that! Everyone had a great night and, better still, all the money went to charity. Little I knew then that Richard had been doing the quiz for years, bringing friends together and had also been raising thousands of pounds doing different things for Comic Relief in the process. And that for me is a portrait of Richard. He is someone who loves his comedy, but above all someone who uses comedy to make the lives of everyone around him that little bit better. Be it to break the ice and make a new friend, to collect money for a good cause or simply to put a smile on the face of a colleague who is having a hard day. So, for me it does not come as a surprise that he has become arguably one of the most popular members of an audience on the comedy circuit. He’s seen all comedians great and small, he is the nicest bloke you can meet and I’ve heard he can even sing Bon Jovi… very badly, by all accounts. But that is beside the point because I think he is a true legend! And I am happy to work with such a great character every day.’


‘[I am] amazed (but not surprised) at the amount of comedy Richard has already seen since the start of 2018! Richard is a true legend and a devotee of the art form and his breadth of knowledge of the comedy scene over the years and anecdotes are extraordinary.’


‘Rich’s enthusiasm for comedy is all pervasive. Going to a gig with him is a truly immersive journey into his love bubble of all things comedic. His dedication to the genera is just epic – he knows everyone and everything on the topic past and present it seems, and his appetite to gather more insights is insatiable! It’s a joy to join him at a show and journey with him on his great adventure of comic discovery!’


‘Just like to say that I think this blog is excellent and really going from strength to strength.’


‘I have known Richard socially since around early 2004 and over the years I have so appreciated and admired his zest and passion for comedy and live theatre. I wish I was able to see more of him as he lights up any room with his love for all things comedy past and present. We talk and laugh for long periods together and Richard inspires laughter in us all. Bravo Richard, and I echo the sentiments from all those comedians in your blog, thanks a million for your laughs!!’

DAVID JAMES (Carlisle):

‘The remarkable thing about this blog is that it features so many comedians I’ve never heard of.’