The Rutles: Major Happy Tour: The Old Firestation, Carlisle, 2018

Created by musician Neil Innes and Monty Python star Eric Idle for a cult television series Rutland Weekend Television in 1975, The Rutles, formed as a loving spoof and parody of The Beatles were a fictitious band who became an actual rock band.  Together for over forty years, they have toured and have recorded many songs over the years.  I saw them play The Old Firestation in Carlisle in May 2018.

At the beginning of the set, Innes who was an excellent frontman explained to the audience that the band was formed because the actual Beatles had recently split up, he had wanted to remember the legacy and had got the backing of George Harrison to form the band.

In 2018 they sounded great and with catchy songs such as Ouch! (which sounded a lot like Help!) and many more, they managed to capture all the Beatles famous musical periods over a very entertaining two hours on stage.


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