Birdies Comedy: The Blue Posts, London, 2016
Birdies Comedy: Savoy Tup, The Strand, London, 2018
Wasted Youth: Bar Bados, Cowgate, Edinburgh, 2018

Paula Gahan is an Irish actor, comedian and writer based in London.  I saw her perform on a bill at Birdies Comedy, a free comedy showcase run by comedian Jimmy Bird in 2016.  All the comedians were sitting in the audience ready to do their five minute spots when MC Brendan O’Donaghue invited the up onto the stage and Gahan was two seats away from me.  It must have been one of her very first gigs because she seemed nervous but we started talking, wished her well and she got up on the stage to begin.  I found her very funny and laughed loudly at her routine.  She seemed very appreciative of my laugh after the set and I hope to see her live again soon.

I returned to Birdies Comedy in January 2018 to watch another great free night of comedy.  On the bill was Gahan who I sat with in the audience.  I had seen the Irish girl perform comedy at the venue when she was just starting out and this time she was a lot less nervous when she was on stage and as a result a lot more funnier.  

In August 2018, I decided whilst travelling to Edinburgh on the train that I would see Gahan appear in a comedy show Wasted Youth at the Fringe. If I was lucky enough I would just make it in time and I did. When I went along, Gahan was the first comedian on the bill along with Joshua Massen and Joe Hobb.  It was a delight to see Gahan in total control of her audience recounting very funny, amusing tales about her Irish upbringing.




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