Jack Docherty: Miekelson and McGlashan – Serious Men: Gilded Balloon at The Museum, Edinburgh, 2018

In all the years that I have been lucky enough to go to the Edinburgh Fringe, I have always been amazed that the city’s very own comedian Jack Docherty had apparently never played there. I had sat in many an audience of The Jack Docherty Show which was recorded for Channel 5 television back in the late nineties and he had always made me laugh out loud. In 2018, it was announced that Docherty was to return to the Fringe after a period of twenty-five years with a brand-new show Miekelson and McGlashan – Serious Men.

I sat in the front row of the audience hoping in anticipation that his comeback would be triumphant. I was not disappointed as two of Docherty’s TV characters (from Scot Squad and Absolutely) were brought back to life. Police Chief Commissioner Miekelson delivered a lecture outlining new corporate messages and the future of the Scottish Police Force. The hour was shared by fiercely patriotic McLashan who wanted to call for a second independence referendum, but on terms he insisted on as head of a new political party.

Docherty delivered two very accurate, extremely funny and mocking performances that had a very enthusiastic audience in fits of laughter. It was really great to see the comedian again and when I met him after the show he instantly recognised me and my laugh from the audience of The Jack Docherty Show some twenty years ago.

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