Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
Clueless Does The 90’s: Online: 2020
Happy Mondays Comedy Lockdown T4 Virtual Zoom Special: Online: 2020 

On her debut at Always Be Comedy, Esther Manito had some great jokes and stories about the trials of motherhood.  As a woman of Arab descent with self-confessed lots of hair, she told real stories about being a wife, daughter, mother and teacher.  She delivered the material with flair, confidence and real gusto that made the audience easily laugh out loud.

Manito featured in Clueless Does The 90’s, an online comedy gameshow that I watched in November 2020 where nostalgia ruled.  The comedian drew 90’s eyebrows on her face which were swiftly got rid of after discussion with the other comedians in the Pack The Bin Round.  Manito was engaging, enthusiastic and lively during the show.

I watched Manito appear as a guest for Happy Mondays Comedy Lockdown online in January 2021.  She was effortlessly funny and made me roar with laughter talking about life in lockdown.

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