Rob Brydon Probes Barry Humphries: London Palladium, London, 2019

I saw the Australian master of humour and satire Barry Humphries being interviewed for two hours by brilliant Welsh comedian Rob Brydon at The London Palladium in April 2019. Humphries’ career was a constant delight to listen to and it was fascinating to learn about how his greatest creation Dame Edna Everage began life as a suburban Melbourne housewife to the formation of his other great character the Australian Cultural Attaché Sir Les Patterson. Stories included detailed performances at Peter Cook’s Establishment Club in the 1960s at the beginning of his career to a brilliant executed embarrassing tale of performing at the Lord Taverners which was loved by the audience. Throughout the evening classic clips were played from Humphries’ comedy heroes including The Marx Brothers, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Pete Cook and Dudley Moore, Gavin & Stacey (featuring Brydon) and Little Britain. To many of course, Humphries is a comedy hero and genius with an extremely successful career which contains some amazing stories that were told during the evening with a reveal at the end that at the age of 83, he may well indeed come out of retirement and revive Dame Edna on stage one more time. Humphries is a true original, a brilliant raconteur and it was a superb evening’s entertainment.

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