Pick of The Fringe: The Warren, Brighton 2018
Pick of The Fringe: The Warren, Brighton 2019
Chores: The Warren, Brighton, 2019

I saw Chores as part of The Pick of the Fringe at The Brighton Festival two years in a row and I was so impressed that I saw the full show in 2019.

Julian Roberts and Morgan Wilson (who replaced original member Derek Llewelyn) are two Australian comic circus variety performers and all have come up with a concept for a great show.  Chores is a show based of two boys (played by Roberts and Morgan) clowning around in their messy bedroom. Suddenly, Mother’s alarming screams rattle the boys into acrobatic action. A generous serving of comedy and chaotic acrobatics happen for every attempt at cleaning their room.  The acrobatics and juggling are mind-boggling. The double act was very audience friendly and the slapstick fun involving everything from unicycles to loo paper is great fun for all the family.  This deservedly successful comedy show is the perfect afternoon additional at the Fringe for young and old alike.

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