The Best of The Comedy Store: The Comedy Store, London, 1988
Steve Gribbin: Laugh At First Sight: The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh, 2011
The Best of The Comedy Store: Southbank Uddebelly, London, 2016
Steve Gribbin: Shunted Again: The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh, 2017
Headliners Comedy Club: George IV Pub, Chiswick, London, 2017
Stand Up Against Alzheimer’s: The Comedy Store, London, 2019
Steve Gribbin: Songbashing Sundae: Online: 2020
MY Comedy Chats: Online: 2021
Saturday Night Comedy Cabaret: Downstairs at The Kings Head, Crouch End, London, 2022
Headliners Comedy Club (2 shows): George IV pub, Chiswick, London, 2022 

Steve Gribbin is an amazing satirist, small in stature and armed with a guitar who hails from Liverpool.  He has been treading the comedy boards for years and I have no doubt seen him live more times than is listed here.  I can remember watching him perform in November 1988 at The Comedy Store whilst staying for a weekend in London with my brother.  Gribbin was on a bill (appearing as Skint Video alongside Brian Mulligan) along with Linda Smith and Hattie Hayridge.  From then on, I was hooked on his comedy style.

It was great nevertheless to catch him at the Edinburgh Fringe where I saw him in 2011.  His show was aptly titled Laugh At First Sight and he certainly heard mine as the very likeable energetic performer with fast. Intelligent, funny guitar based songs thoroughly entertained the audience.

When I saw his show Shunted Again at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 (involving the veteran train traveller’s angst against the current state of Britain’s railway network by using the worst journeys to prove a comedic point), I met Gribbin after the show and talked about the much-missed Linda Smith.  We talked about the old days and he told me he had known her and worked with her many times.

When Gribbin appeared at Headliners Comedy Club later in 2017, after the show he came down into the audience, recognised me and the group I was with and shook our hands grateful that we had seen his performance.  Gribbin is a very warm, enthusiastic and extremely funny man who is always amusing on stage, and I look forward to seeing him again soon.

The comedian was responsible for organising a group of his comedy mates and headlining the Alzheimer’s fund-raiser at the Comedy Store in London that I saw in June 2019. One of the friendliest and funniest comedians on the circuit, I have watched Gribbin perform for years and tonight he proved what a stand-out act he is.  Flying through a set of rough and ready comedy songs and off the wall observations about politicians and train travel, I was aching with laughter and the audience loved him.   Gribbin is one of the best and I was delighted when he announced that over £4000 had been made on the night.

In October 2020, Gribbin appeared weekly online for his new show Songbashing Sundae.  The show featured comedy, poems and topical sons and was a joy to listen to this enthusiastic and intelligent comedian.

In January 2021, I watched Gribbin online as a guest for Maureen Younger’s MY Comedy Chats talking about his long and established comic career.

I watched Gribbin live Downstairs at The Kings Head in February 2022 and again at Headliners Comedy Club in March and November 2022.  Proving once again his comic song writing brilliance; the comedian effortlessly entertained the lively audience.

Gribbin is a very warm, enthusiastic, and extremely funny man who is always amusing on stage, and I look forward to seeing him again soon.






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