Flamingo Sparks Open Mic Night: The Star of The East pub, London, 2020
Vix Leyton and Friends (Work In Progress): The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London, 2021 

Canadian comedian Claire Haus headlined Flamingo Sparks Open Mic Night that I saw in February 2020.  Haus was energetic with a very confident stage presence and was hugely enjoyable delivering a set involving annoyances and rants on the state of the world.

Haus was first on the bill for Vix Leyton and Friends (Work In Progress) in July 2021 and her vigour and enthusiasm to get laughs was infectious.  Very expressive, her comedy was hysterically funny as she talked about relationships and her native home country to an enthused audience.  She delivered a brilliant twenty-minute set and I am looking forward to seeing her again soon.

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