99 Club Comedy: Ruby Blue, Leicester Square, London, 2017
Komeida Live Online: 2020

Ola The Comedian has a successful show that runs most Sundays at The Top-Secret Comedy Club in London’s Covent Garden.  The show resembles a sermon with Ola preaches his comic views on the world. I was therefore please to see Ola play 99 Club Comedy when I went in 2017.  His titular voice and distinct presence delivered self-depreciating self-modesty and was a big hit with the audience.

The act was first on the bill to appear online for Komedia Live that I watched in May 2020.  Everyone was forced into lockdown due to a pandemic and Ola was confident, funny and self-assured in a recorded segment in front of a crowd at one of the Komedia clubs.  He had hilarious stories about different gigs he had performed together with a story involving a  dodgy wi-fi connection that seemed to thoroughly entertain the audience.


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