Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette: Online: 2020
Live @ Limehouse: The Star of The East pub, London, 2020
Vix Leyton’s Comedy Arcade: Underbelly, Bristo Square, Edinburgh, 2022 

Comedian and musician Andrew O’Neill appeared on Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette in July 2020.  He was unique and creative with his stories from the topics based on the randomness of the bingo balls and he proved to be a very funny guest on the show.

O’Neill headlined Live @ Limehouse in October 2020 with a hilarious set of bizarre yet intelligent ramblings really making the audience crease with laughter.

The comedian was a guest for Vix Leyton’s Comedy Arcade that I watched at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2022.  Inspired and quick-witted with his anecdotes and stories, O’Neill delivered plenty of laughs for the crowd.


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