Birdies Comedy: The Blue Posts, London, 2016
Birdies Comedy: The Savoy Tap, The Strand, London, 2017
Birdies Comedy: The Savoy Tap, The Strand, London, 2018
Paul Cox: Unattended: Arista Café and Gallery, Brighton, 2019
Funny Walks with Paul Cox: Online: 2020
Pulse Of The Nation: Online: 2020
Epic Comedy: Chichester City Football Club, Chichester, 2022 

I have seen Paul Cox many times for Birdies Comedy in London.  Every time, his ten-minute amusing routines featured stories about his noticeable hair, observations about fatherhood and perceptive remarks on being raised working-class but being middle-class.  He was an entertaining comedian that took over the room with ease generating big laughs.

In January 2018 and Paul Cox was the headliner.  I had seen him at the night on other occasions and the lively comic from Portsmouth delivered more very amusing stories about his family life which made me laugh uproariously.

 What is always a joy to see is how an act develops into a great comedian.   I saw Cox perform at the Arista Café and Gallery for the Brighton Fringe in May 2019 and he did some of the funniest forty minutes of new and reliable material in front of a very encouraging audience.  Like a cross between Paul McCaffrey and a young Mickey Flanagan, Cox described his homelife and of being a father with such wit and brilliantly constructed jokes that I was laughing all the way back to London on the train. 

After eleven weeks in lock down in London due to the Corona virus epidemic. I am beginning to miss the countryside of the Lake District and my home city of Carlisle.  Like everybody, I am stuck in my flat unable as yet, to go back to Carlisle where I regularly visit and have a great time.  One day in June 2020 searching online for comedy, I was therefore delighted to find an online vlog: Funny Walks with Paul Cox.  The comedian is seen walking through the countryside delivering brilliant comic ideas to the camera.  The amazing countryside setting was very therapeutic, and the four-minute weekly chats are an inspired idea from a very funny man.  It’s like going for a short countryside walk with your very witty, best friend… only stuck at home.  I was consistently laughing out loud at the comedian’s thoughts.

The comic was a guest for Pulse Of The Nation Online where questions were asked and debated by the audience and the guest.  The comic’s screen kept freezing which was very funny and when the tech was sorted out, he proved a wonderful guest with some inspired answers. 

Creator and compere of Epic Comedy based in the South of England (in Midhurst, Liphook, Petersfield, Haslemere, Hook and Chichester), I ventured to Chichester City Football Club to watch my old mate and superb comedian Cox MC an amazing night of comedy.  I was so pleased for him because he so deserves success.  Extremely warm, enthusiastic and hilarious on such a hot day weather-wise, it was so worth the journey and I wish continued success for the club and the compere.




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