Mark Watson’s Watsonathon:  Online: 2020
Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette: Online: 2020

Comedian Tiernan Douieb appeared on Mark Watson’s Watsonathan, a 24-hour online show in April 2020 during the great pandemic.  Douieb was subject to all manner of playful impossible challenges throughout the marathon show including eating various degrees of hot chilli sauce which is apparently a past -time for him.

Douieb was also a guest for Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette alongside James Gill and myself.  It was a pleasure meeting such a funny man who was superb on the show giving extremely witty answers to topics generated from balls in a bingo machine.

I am staggered as yet not to have seen the politically charged Douieb live on stage especially having seen so many comedians over the years.  I am determined to see him soon as he has made me laugh a lot.

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