Stand Up Against Alzheimer’s: The Comedy Store, London, 2019
Tiff Stevenson: Next Up Comedy Festival: Online: 2020

I have watched Stevenson many times over the years and have always enjoyed her wit and company.  In June 2019, she was a guest for Stand Up Against Alzheimer’s at The Comedy Store, London.  The very endearing comedian delivered brilliantly executed characters interjected with cutting political comedy and produced a very funny ten-minute set.

I was very pleased to see her online for the Next Up Comedy Festival in July 2020.  Her show about her experiences of being a step-mum covered a wide range of issues from teenage pregnancy, policing bodies in coffee shops and the royal family.  Her range of accents and voices was impressive, and Stevenson was smart, Intelligent, honest, thoughtful and extremely funny that made for a very entertaining hour.

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