Headliners Comedy Club: George IV pub, Chiswick, London, 2018
The Best of The Comedy Store: Udderbelly Festival, Southbank, London, 2018

Justin Moorhouse: Northern Joker: Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 2018
Comedy Store Manchester King Gong: Online: 2020
Always Be Comedy Online: Online: 2021
Return of The Craic Online Comedy Club: Online: 2021 

One of my favourite current comedians, I watched the great Justin Moorhouse perform at Headliners Comedy Club in London in February 2018, feature in The Best of The Comedy Store for the Southbank Udderbelly Festival in June 2018 and appear in his own one-man show Northern Joker at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2018.

I have seen him perform many times on stage and Moorhouse always has a great cheerful personality.  He delivers hilarious storytelling combined with a quick wit in response to audience reaction that makes for a great set.  He was warm and convincing with the crowd and greatly entertaining, but not without causing moments of awkwardness.  He’s an out-and-out northern comedian – being Northern myself, relating to his gravy routine and the cancellation of a Beano magazine subscription that he performed in his Northern Joker show in August 2018 was brilliant, clever and absolutely hilarious.

Britain’s most famous comedy club The Comedy Store based in London and Manchester has been staging live comedy for over 40 years.  In fact, it was the first comedy club I ever went to in London in 1988 (Richard Morton compered and Charles Fleischer (later to voice Roger Rabbit) headlined.  I have been to both venues many times and have seen some wonderful acts there, so I was delighted during the epidemic year to watch the famous King Gong show from The Comedy Store Manchester online in July 2020.  It was an absolute joy to see Moorhouse compere the new acts show.  He was effortlessly funny with the audience and the acts and each act had up to three minutes to perform.  If the audience judging panel showed three red cards during the performance, the act was stopped and the next one appeared.  For the show I saw, there was fifteen acts of varying quality.  The new comedians were: Mike Wardley, Danny Fields, Chris Rafaelson, Vindoo, Mickey Dee, David Broadbent, Miss Muriel, Leon Bukowski, Ben Lawrence, Katie French, Chris Wright, Phil Henderson, Steph Starstein, David Putansky and Farook.  Fields, Broadbent, Miss Muriel and Lawrence were all finalists lasting three minutes and were invited to so thirty seconds more to decide the winner  It was a close call between Broadbent and Lawrence both delivering great sets with Lawrence the eventual winner receiving a future live set at either the London or Manchester venue.  This was just one of the weekly shows that feature at The Comedy Store with Fridays and Saturdays providing the best in stand-up comedy acts as well as the infamous improv show The Comedy Store Players.

The comedian was a guest for Always Be Comedy Online and Return of The Craic Online Comedy Club in March 2021 delivering a side-splitting routine about family life and coping with lock-down.  They were two brilliantly delivered routine from an experienced comic determined to make the audience laugh.

Moorhouse plays his comic roll perfectly and has duly gathered a loyal following of fans, including myself, who adore this brand of comedy.

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