Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2018
Always Be Comedy: The Tommyfield pub, Kennington, London, 2019
The Big Funny Fest: The Old Deer Park, Richmond, 2019
Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of The Fringe: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2019
Next Up Comedy Festival: Online: 2020
Always Be Comedy Online: Online: 2021
Comedy at The Covid Arms 1st Birthday Show: Online: 2021 

Olga Koch is a Russian stand-up comedian with an American accent based in London.  I saw her on a bill at Always Be Comedy in May 2018 and January 2019 and then again performing at The Big Funny Fest at Richmond in June 2019.  Providing a fascinating insight into her upbringing in Russia, her comedy was very relevant, and her confidence knew no bounds.

 I watched Koch again when she was a guest for Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of The Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2019.  She was naturally capable at interacting with the crowd, frequently confident and engaging with audience members with ease.

Koch had her own show at the Next Up Comedy Festival Online that I watched in July 2020.  The comedian subjects covered casual sex, the Life in the UK Test, her working relationship with her agent and googling herself every day.  She was bright, enthusiastic and very funny.

The comedian returned to Always Be Comedy Online and performed for Comedy at The Covid Arms 1st Birthday Show in March 2021 with a brilliantly funny routine about becoming a British citizen delivered with such enthusiasm and verve, she was a pleasure to watch.

To date, having delivered extremely talented sets, Koch has developed into a very witty comedian and I look forward to seeing her again soon.


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