Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette: Online: 2020
Always Be Comedy Online: Online: 2020
The Last Leg (TV recording): Television Centre, London, 2021
The Last Leg (TV recording): Elstree Studios, London, 2022
Up The Creek Saturday Night Comedy: Up The Creek Comedy Club, Greenwich, London, 2022
The Last Leg (3 TV recordings): Television Centre, London, 2023 

Comedian Mark Olver was a guest for Vix Leyton’s new online show Comedy Roulette where topics were discussed from ball produced from a bingo machine. The show was online because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Olver was very quick and very funny with his comic stories involving meeting famous people.

Olver was also a guest for Always Be Comedy Online in July 2020 where his bizarre style of comedy created big laughs for the audience.

The comedian proved to be a brilliant warm-up when I went to see live TV recordings of the successful TV show The Last Leg.  Olver was superb with the audience really making them feel at home and ready for the big laughs in the main show.

Olver was a superb compere for Up the Creek Saturday Night Comedy that I watched in May 2022.  Completely unaffected by the loud audience, he had the best razor-sharp quips as he chatted with the front row.



















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