Barry Cryer’s 80th Birthday Roast: Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 2015
Dad’s Army Radio Hour: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2017

Actor David Benson gave a heart-felt tribute to Barry Cryer at his 8oth Birthday roast that I saw at the Edinburgh Festival in 2015.

Two years later, I was back at the Fringe for a bonus day mainly made up of music shows but I decided to go and see Dad’s Army Radio Hour which featured David Benson and fellow actor Jack Lane.  A number of Dad’s Army television comedy scripts were adapted for radio and two half hour episodes were recreated for the Fringe Radio Hour show with Benson and Lane covering all the classic familiar roles divided between them.  The show was a very well presented and performed hour of comedy.  Benson and Lane are flawless impersonators, with a mastery of both the voice and mannerisms of the multiple characters they each represent. Benson played the bulk of the smaller roles but each was instantly distinguishable.  The unique Scottish accent of Fraser with its rolled ‘r’ was excellent, as was his impressions of doddering Godfrey, spiv Walker, stressed Warder Hodges, the serene Vicar and the sublime Sergeant Wilson.  The show was a great afternoon’s entertainment from two extremely gifted actors.

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