City Academy Comedy Showcase: The Comedy Pub, London, 2013
Comedy Virgins: The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London, 2013
Angel Comedy: Camden Head Pub, Islington, London, 2013
We Love Comedy (6 shows): The Pipeline, Liverpool Street, London, 2013

I first knew Jonathan Boulton when I worked for him.  In 2013, he announced that he was attempting a six month comedy course.  I remember being very impressed.  At the end of the course which was run by Kate Smurthwaite, Boulton had to perform live for five minutes at The Comedy Pub in front of an audience.  He delivered an excellent routine and continued to find five minute spots in other comedy clubs in London.  I went to support and encourage him on many occasions and learned how comedians developed as acts on stage.  If someone wanted to perform, they would add their name to the list before the show; the MC would announce their name and the act would get up from the audience and do five minutes on stage.  Boulton excelled at this and grew in confidence each time he performed on stage.

One day at work, Boulton announced that he was moving to Dubai with his girlfriend and I wished him well.  He went there and I was delighted to discover that whilst following him on social media he has become a co-founder and regular comedian at Yalla Laughs Comedy Club in Abu Dhabi and doing extremely well.  I wish him every success.


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