Birdies Comedy (3 shows): The Savoy Tap, The Strand, London, 2019
Live @ Limehouse 3: The Star of The East pub, London, 2019
Flamingo Sparks Open Mic Night (2 shows): The Star of The East pub, London, 2020
Live @ Limehouse 4: The Star of The East pub, London, 2020
Live at Piccadilly: The Glasshouse pub, Soho, London, 2020
The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society: The Albany, Great Portland Street, London, 2020
Vix Leyton: #StayHome Online Interviews: Online: 2020
Mark Watson’s Watsonathon: Online: 2020
Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette: Online: 2020 continuing
Live In Conversation: Online: June 2020
Beefy’s Comedy Club: Online: 2020
Live @ Limehouse 5: The Star of The East pub, London 2020 

I have seen Vix Leyton perform at Birdies Comedy free showcase three times (in July, September and October 2019).  Every time, she was cheery, confident and likeable on stage and delivered a very well-written five-minute set.

I arrived late at Birdies Comedy when I went in September 2019.  When I walked through the door, Leyton was half-way through her lively ten-minute set and what I thought was well impressive was how hard the crowd were laughing uncontrollably at her antics.  She was hilarious and I was gutted to have missed the full set.

So, to put this right, I attended the Live at Limehouse 3 comedy night in November 2019 in which Leyton made a very engaging compere.  Her personality was infectious, and she controlled the evening wonderfully with witty stories about her work and introducing a roster of new and established talent.   I attended again in January 2020 for Live @ Limehouse 4 in January 2020 and Live at Piccadilly in February 2020 where I was delighted to see this again with Leyton at the helm.

Also, in January and February 2020, Leyton compared her open mic night Flamingo Sparks supporting new comedians.  She was lively, energetic, and enthusiastic as she introduced the acts with uplifting vigour and was an absolute natural on stage.

I watched Leyton’s 100th gig at The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society and I was extremely impressed with her comic style, her stories about pettiness were inspired.

In March 2020, the world was hit by an epidemic that affected everyone and we were all forced to self-isolate in our homes. Comedians turned to online shows and Leyton had the brain wave for her #StayHome series.  This was a collection of live online individual and weekly interviews most taking place every Sunday early evening during lockdown.  It was a perfect time for a chat and Leyton was great company commanding proceedings from her home.  She interviewed a variety of mainly comedians and other cultural figures. the line-up was an impressive rollcall: Jen Brister, Lesley Ewing Burgess, Rich Wilson, Jen Smith, Ilya Arden, Seann Walsh, Gary Michaels, Connie Orff, Fiona Allen, Sarah Keyworth, Bec Hill, and Jack Munroe.  It was great to listen to all their fascinating stories.  Leyton also conducted my first ever online interview talking about comedy as the first draft of my book had been completed.  She was easy-going, enthusiastic, interested and let me recall some infamous stories that feature in my book. I enjoyed it so much that I agreed to be interviewed again the following week. I was so grateful and delighted that she gave me the opportunity for the interviews (which are featured in the Interview section of this blog).   I really hope Leyton does more interviews as they were informative, entertaining, and very funny.

In May 2020, Leyton appeared in a quiz for Mark Watson’s 24-hour charity online fundraiser The Watsonathon and in June 2020, Leyton launched her new show Comedy Roulette online.  She had a great idea – spinning a bingo machine full of balls and then releasing one at random which had a topic for discussion. Guests for shows so far have been Jen Brister, Thom Tuck, Kate McCabe, Katy Brand, Mark Olver, Jen Smith, Sam Rhodes, Jess Aszkenasy, Esyllt Sears, Sarah Keyworth, Catherine Bohart, Hannah Dunleavy, Fiona Allen, Bec Hill, Colleen Cheetham Gerrard, Sara Barron, Sooz Kempner, Ilayda Arden, Maureen Younger, Taylor Glenn, Louise Leigh, Sikisa ‘Twix’ Bostwick-Barnes, John Luke-Roberts, Arch-Brooks Watson and a show featuring Tiernan Douieb, James Gill and me! Billed as my ‘comedy debut’, I am no comedian, but I was delighted to be asked to appear and enjoyed myself immensely. Topics included things you wish you had never said. A lie that’s caught you out, a burning grudge, film clichés, petty grievances, drunken behaviour, worst holidays, bad job interviews, grammar, online dating and famous people you have met.

The link to watch the shows is

Leyton was the interviewer for an occasion Live in Conversation series which started in June 2020.  The first interviewee was me talking about my experiences of lock down comedy and the second interview featured Jordan Brookes, the recent Edinburgh Comedy Award winner. She has also launched her own channel at:

I watched her perform a quality ten-minute set for Beefy’s Comedy Club online that I watched in July 2020 that was shocking, witty and delivered with extreme confidence and verve.

In September 2020, Leyton successfully revived the Live @ Limehouse comedy night and proved she was developing into a great comedian delivering brilliantly timed comic sets as she introduced the acts.

Leyton is a real comic talent brimming with ideas, energy, warmth, and enthusiasm; she is an excellent comedian who I am looking forward to seeing again very soon.



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