Best of The Fest: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 2007
Bob Downe: 20 Golden Greats: Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh, 2011 

Australian camp Aussie crooner Bob Downe (created by Mark Treverrow) appeared in his solo show 20 Golden Greats at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011.  After watching him perform twenty minutes at the Best of The Fest, I took a chance on seeing the full show.  Downe was a pastiche of a cheesy nightclub singer who belted out his songs with enough showbiz glamour to get the audience in the whole room singing along and waving their arms.  In between the songs, there was wild audience banter and stand-up innuendo.  Then resplendent in dodgy hairpiece and  flashing his dazzling white teeth, he sang another song to keep the crowd entertained.  Downe’s was an extremely lively act looking for a good time.

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