Pleasance Late Show: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2013
Top Secret Comedy Club: Covent Garden, London, 2020
Friday Night Comedy: Vauxhall Comedy Club, London, 2021

Canadian comedian Bobby Mair played the Pleasance Late Show that I saw in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival in 2013.  His set described his personality disorder through a series of dark jokes and black humour.

In the weird and bizarre world of Mair, new material must be second nature to him.  I watched him perform at the Top Secret Comedy Club in October 2020 where his inane thoughts caused loud laughter.  After ten minutes of the ramblings, he walked off stage and straight into a Perspex cover which was designed to look after the audience.  As the crowd saw this mishap, they cheered the comedian as he made his exit.

The comedian was the last act of the evening at the Friday Night Comedy showcase that I saw at the Vauxhall Comedy Club in September 2021.  The routine included a brilliant chat with a drunken audience member that ended up with the punter giving his watch to Mair.  He had the crowd believing he was going to keep the watch until at the last minute he gave the audience member back his watch telling him not to be so gullible.  It was a brilliant device to get the audience on his side as he talked about wild and wonderfully weird situations.  It  was a great set from a great comedian.

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