Micky Flanagan: Back in the Game: Leicester Square Theatre, London, 2013
Micky Flanagan: Work in Progress: Soho Theatre, London, 2022 

I had never seen Micky Flanagan until I saw him at the Leicester Square in London in 2013.  I had always made a point of seeing him but never got the chance and for some reason, presumably because of his name, I thought he was Irish.  I was wrong and when I saw him on his Back In The Game tour playing in his home city, his increasing loyal following were not disappointed.  The theatre was packed as he casually strolled onto the stage full of confidence and mischievous Cockney cockiness.  Everything from drug taking to supermarket checkouts was scrutinised in his own inimitable way which made the audience convulse with laughter.

In April 2022, Flanagan performed a Work in Progress show at the Soho Theatre in London. Subjects included living in an enormous house, the pandemic lockdown and ageing, he easily had the packed audience in the palm of his hand.  Chatting to the crowd and easily creating comedy, his effortless confidence and delivery of wonderful stories was very relatable and wonderful to watch.

Flanagan is a very funny man.  He has gone on to play arenas very successfully and is now an extremely popular comedian.  But watching him in intimate surroundings sitting in the front of the fair-sized Leicester Square Theatre and Soho Theatre gave me a unique insight in the development of his unique, original comic talent and as a result delivered two extremely entertaining evenings.


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