The Return of The Big Laugh In: Labatts Apollo, Manchester, 1991
The Dave Gorman PowerPoint Presentation: Assembly @ George Square, Edinburgh, 2011
Olivia Lee Chats Them Up: Udderbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh, 2011

I first saw Dave Gorman perform a guest spot at The Return of the Big laugh In at the Labatts Apollo in Manchester in 1991.  I could see then through tears of laughter that he was destined for success.

Gorman first used the PowerPoint presentation software ten years later in 2011 when I saw his show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011. Lots of comedians use the presentation software as a prop these days but Gorman revolutionised it as a visual punchline underlining and undermining what is being said on stage.  The timing of clicking to reveal the slides adds somewhat to the comedy.   Gorman’s love of the internet shone through the set and a subject highlight of his set was when he embarked on a modest, inconclusive experiment after sourcing information on what makes pee smell funny!  The crowd delighted at this.  During his routine, I learned a lot from what he had to say, and he has gone on successfully to be a very entertaining and informative, popular comedian.

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