Always Be Comedy Online: Online: 2020
Always Be Comedy Online: Online: 2021
Play: The Crown Jewels: The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, 2023 

Billed as a special mystery guest, one half of the successful comedy double Mel & Sue, Mel Giedroyc appeared for Always Be Comedy Online in December 2020 and March 2021.  She was extremely welcoming and charming to the front row virtual audience and wanted to find out what she could from them and turn it into comedy.  It was a lovely surprise to see her.

Giedroyc starred with Al Murray in the play The Crown Jewels that I watched in Canterbury in October 2023.  The play written by Simon Nye, about the attempted robbery of King Charles II’s crown jewels by an Irish rebel.  The two comedians played off each other extremely well and made for a very funny double act.


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