Best of the Fest 2017: Assembly on the Mound, Edinburgh, 2017

It is always a pleasure to see comedians supporting each other whether on stage or not.  When I attended the Best of the Fest showcase in 2017 at the Edinburgh Fringe, as I went to the bar at the Assembly on the Mound, I shook Andrew Ryan’s hand who I had seen deliver a great how earlier in the week.  He was with fellow Irish comic Chris Kent who was one of the acts performing at the Best of The Fest.  Kent’s routine was about matching comedy with being a stay-at-home parent and trying to grow a beard.  His delivery was amusingly deadpan as he weaved mundane stories into hilarious anecdotes.  After the show as I walked down the famous stairs from the Main Hall to the exit, Ryan was at the bottom of the stairs giving out flyers for Kent’s solo show.


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