Mark Little Sucks! Boddington’s Dream Tent, Manchester, 1995
Mark Little: The Bullsh*t Artist> Assembly George Square, Edinburgh, 2012 

I saw Mark Little; the Australian former Neighbours TV star perform stand-up comedy twice – once in Manchester in 1995 and the other time at Edinburgh in 2012.

At the Manchester show, he walked onto the stage to the sound of the music of Pulp Fiction looking like a gangster in a white suit and shades.  Pre-emptying criticism, he laughed at himself and continued with an extremely observational set on politics gaining big laughs from the audience.

When he appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012, he was extremely friendly but lost his way at times with the set and seemed to become a bit frustrated,  He was brilliant at inspiring the crowd with bursts of great ideas about celebrity status mixed with robust jokes.


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