Mick Miller and Jimmy Cricket: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, 2012

Mick Miller first appeared on TV in the 1970s in The Comedians, the classic TV series which launched many a star – Jim Bowen, Roy Walker, Frank Carson to name a few.  I saw Miller perform with Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket for a one-off special at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2012.  The two popular comedy legends each did a half hour set and Miller’s routine worked a treat.  With his trademark balding head, Miller was a persistent joke machine one after another with sharp and relevant punchlines.  The supreme professional raced through as many as he could in the half hour with pace, timing immaculate delivery to the genuine delight of the packed crowd.

Whilst Miller and Cricket each delivered their sets, I noticed amongst others Les Dennis and Tim Vine sitting at the back of the crowd.  Vine had a notebook and pen taking notes.  I was thankful to be at the Festival when the show featuring the two classic comedians took place as I had witnessed one of the highlights of that year’s Fringe.

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