The Return of The Big laugh-In: Labatts Apollo, Manchester, 1991
Newman and Baddiel in Pieces: Apollo Theatre, Manchester, 1992 

During the late eighties and early nineties, Robert Newman and David Baddiel were massively popular with audiences for their exceptional brand of comedy.  They were like rock stars performing in arenas of over 10,000 people, commonplace now but unique back then especially for comedians.  Newman and Baddiel emerged from the Mary Whitehouse Experience as did Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.  I saw The Mary Whitehouse Experience perform for The Return of The Big Laugh-In at the Labatts Apollo in Manchester in 1991.  Both double acts went their separate ways and Newman and Baddiel perform live when I saw them at the Apollo Theatre, Manchester in 1992.

Each comedian performed a solo set before joining forces for their classic routines including History Today where two old professors put each other down by comparing themselves to the audience who were delighted.

The magic however was short-lived as Baddiel and Newman split up after the tour due to artistic differences and have however emerged with successful solo novelist and comedy careers.

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