Boothby Graffoe: Scratch: The Bussey Building, Peckham, London, 2016
Boothby Graffoe’s Songs and Stories: Online: 2021 

Nick Pym is a brilliant musician who has worked a lot over the years with musical comedian Boothby Graffoe. The effect of Pym’s virtuoso performance on violin and guitar is outstanding wildly adding weight to Graffoe’s compositions on his CDs and live shows.

I saw Graffoe’s show Scratch in 2016 which featured Pym and included amongst the lunacy featured Nice Bloke, a song about celebrity stalking and old favourites such as Bungee Girl and Hartlepool.  The music was sublime and Pym, having previously worked with another musical comedy act – Rich Hall’s Otis Lee Crenshaw – was a brilliant musical accompaniment to Graffoe’s inspired hysterical lyrics and songs.

Pym demonstrated his incredible musical ability as a guest for Boothby Graffoe’s Songs and Stories online that I watched in April 2021.  Pym’s ability to play such a diverse range of musical instruments was exemplary creating wonderful sounds for brilliant tunes.

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