What Does The Title Matter Anyway? Udderbelly, Bristo Square, Edinburgh, 2014
Radioactive: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2016 

Philip Pope appeared as a guest improviser on a version of Whose Line Is It Anyway, the TV comedy show hosted by Clive Anderson where guests act out various situations provided by a studio audience.  The first live version at the Fringe (where the original title could then not be used for legal reasons) happened at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and watching from the crowd, I am impressed by Pope’s versatility.

Pope is also a member of Radioactive, a radio series from the 1980s that poked fun at other radio series by forming its own spoof radio station.  Created by and starring Pope, alongside Helen Atkinson Wood, Michael Fenton Stevens, Angus Deayton and the late Geoffrey Perkins, the remaining members appeared on stage to rapturous applause and cheer from a nostalgic audience.  They were as good as they were on the radio and the skits on Status Quo and the Bee Gees were a comic highlight.


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