City Academy Comedy Showcase: The Comedy Pub, London, 2013

When I went along to support my friend Jonathan Boulton who having been on a comedy course had to appear in the City Academy Comedy showcase – a competition live on stage at The Comedy Pub, London in 2013, Kate Smurthwaite was compere of the show.  A comedian with passionate feminist and political views and a skill for a great joke, Smurthwaite proved to be a great comedy enthusiast and compere. 

When Boulton won the competition, I decided to join everybody for a celebration at a late-night club in Soho that Smurthwaite recommended, got us in and joined us at.  This happened on a Monday night, a work night and after getting to bed at 4am, the three hours sleep I had took its toll at work the next day but I was very pleased for my friend and he has gone on to achieve comedy success.


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