The Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy at The Camden Comedy Club: (2 shows) Camden Head pub, Islington, London, 2021
Nathan Cassidy: Bumblebee: Museum of Comedy, Holborn, London, 2021
Nathan Cassidy: Observational: The Pleasance Theatre, Islington, London, 2022
Nathan Cassidy: Fifty (WIP): Camden Comedy Club, The Camden Head pub, Islington, London, 2023
The Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy at The Camden Comedy Club: Camden Head pub, Islington, London, 2023
Nathan Cassidy: Amnesia: Brighton Fringe 2023 – Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton, 2023

Nathan Cassidy compared The Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy at the Camden Comedy Club when I went in June 2021.  He was a bright, charming, and enthusiastic MC really cheering up the audience before introducing the main acts.  His material about his family and coping with lockdown was extremely funny and was in complete command of the room.

I saw Cassidy’s new solo show Bumblebee at the Museum of Comedy for the Camden Fringe in August 2021.  The show was a wonderful hour of observational comedy with a great idea involving confronting a burglar.  Cassidy was an engaging storyteller who made the audience want to listen as well as laugh at his hysterical routines.

I watched resident compere Cassidy host again for The Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy at the Camden Comedy Club in November 2021.  Exceptionally confident with the audience (including me), his routines were inspired as he superbly warmed the crowd up for the main acts.

I saw Cassidy’s solo show Observational at The Pleasance Theatre in Islington, London in October 2022.  The story involving joining a gym and meeting a strong man who changes his life forever was brilliantly constructed.  The jokes and stories were clever and laugh-out loud funny.

Cassidy’s latest work-in-progress show Fifty, saw the comedian wanting to tell fifty quick-fire jokes in a very accessible format that became quite personal.  Admitting to the audience that he wanted to perform a mainstream show so that he could take his 100-year-old gran to America, the show was full of wonderful one-line observations and jokes that really entertained the Friday night crowd.

Comparing the Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy show on the same night, to interact with the packed audience, compere Cassidy asked if anyone had had an exciting week.  I admitted at the back that I had given up crisps having eaten two packets a day for thirty years.  This became a running joke throughout the show and the comedian returned safter the interval with crisps for everybody except me!

His show Amnesia was performed at the Brighton Fringe in May 2023.  Watching from the front row, featuring short sequences of disjointed comedy, Cassidy’s performance was pitch-perfect and really entertained the audience.

Cassidy is an extremely likeable and clever comedian who always creates intelligent shows that are very funny and well worth watching.

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