In this episode, I talk to the fantastic comedian JEN BRISTER about her comedy career.

Brister is an exceptionally talented and extremely funny comedian who often talks on stage about her Spanish mum, the relationship with her partner and her twin boys.  She is superb at displaying levels of frustration or ranting for comic effect and is a wonderfully compelling performer.

I have watched her comic routines and compering many times at Always Be Comedy and other venues since 2017 as well as her solo Edinburgh shows Meaningless in 2018 and Under Privilege in 2019.  She is also co-host of a successful podcast with comedian Maureen Younger and author of the book The Other Mother, published in 2019.

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Please read Jen Brister’s blog at: www.arichcomiclife.blog/2020/07/17/jen-brister/

Jen Brister’s Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JenBristercomedy

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jenbrister

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jen_brister/

Website: www.jenbrister.co.uk



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