In this episode, I talk to the fantastic comedian, KEVIN DAY about his comedy career.

Day is a British stand-up comedian, sports presenter and comedy writer.  He was a regular at The Comedy Store in London in the late eighties and early nineties.  He has written for many comedians including Dave Allen and Jo Brand. In 2005, became a programme associate on the BBC’s long running topical news quiz Have I Got News For You.  Since 2004, he has been a regular on Match of The Day 2 and has appeared on and written for other TV and radio shows.

Day has effortlessly made me laugh continuously whenever I have watched him.  I have seen his solo shows Standy Uppy in 2014 and Hairline in 2015 both at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as performing for Always Be Comedy online in 2021.

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Please read Kevin Day’s blog at: www.arichcomiclife.blog/2020/10/05/kevin-day/

Kevin Day’s Links:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/KevinDayComedy

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kevinhunterday


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