Late Night Jokes On Us: Leicester Comedy Festival 2022 – Manhattan 34, Leicester, 2022
Alex Hylton: Performer: Leicester Comedy Festival 2023 – Manhattan 34, Leicester, 2023 

Tireless comedian Alex Hylton compared the Late-Night Jokes on Us showcase for the Leicester Comedy Festival that I watched in February 2022.  Vigorous, enthusiastic, friendly, and very funny, Hylton was the perfect MC to take command of the comedy night.

I saw Hylton’s new solo show Performer at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2023.  Born to be a comedian and extremely entertaining, the material including living with his girlfriend, having a dog and his job was wonderful to watch.  The show included an inspired routine where his mobile phone went off and he stopped the show to have a sandwich break. This worked brilliantly and deserved a round of applause.

Hylton is a great comedian who supports comedy and is highly recommended.

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