Sofa SoFunny! (2 shows) St Christopher’s Pub, London Bridge, London, 2022
Sofa SoFunny! (5 Shows) Upstairs at The Flying Horse, Wilson Street, London, 2022
Sofa SoFunny! (3 shows) Upstairs at The Flying Horse, Wilson Street, London, 2023
Sofa SoFunny! So Fringe: Brighton Fringe 2023 – Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant, Brighton, 2023 

Nick Kirk appeared at the Sofa SoFunny! comedy showcase that I watched in February 2022 and made a wonderful compere when I went again in March 2022.  The delivery was pitch perfect as the dry-humoured funny man deconstructed the telling of a joke with hilarious comic effect.

Kirk appeared again for Sofa SoFunny! in June and July 2022, only this time he appeared in the character of Fire Safety Officer Dave Steed.  His set was in the form of a crowd safety announcement of a professional yet bitter man which was accurate, inspired and genuinely hilarious.

In August 2022, at another Sofa SoFunny! showcase, Kirk appeared in another character, that of Patrick NomDePlume who made everyday life just that little bit smuttier. Playing to the audience, the character was a big success delivering big laughs.

In September and December 2022, Kirk delivered ten minutes of razor-sharp, quality stand-up material which made the audience roar with laughter.  In April 2023, he introduced a puppet on stage creating a very clever and funny routine.  He appeared for the showcase in May and June 2023 where he performed as himself and also again as Dave Steed.

Also, in May 2023, he appeared for Sofa SoFunny! So Fringe: a mini sized version of the show at the Brighton Fringe.  He performed as Dave Steed and then later, did a very funny solo routine about relationships and career.

Kirk is an experimental and extremely funny comedian who deserves success.



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