In this episode, I talk to the comedian ILAYDA ARDEN, about her comedy career.

Arden is a comedian, writer, and actor with experience in experimental theatre.  Nominated for the 2020 Funny Women Awards, her stand-up is thoughtful, honest, intelligent, and exceptionally amusing.

I have seen Arden perform in London for Birdies Comedy in 2019, Flamingo Sparks Open Mic Night, Vix Leyton’s Comedy Roulette, Live@Limehouse and Comedy Kiss Launch Night all in 2020, and Neon Flamingo Cutting Room Floor Live Online at The Cavendish Arms in 2021.

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Ilayda Arden’s Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ilayda.arden/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ilaydaarden/

Website: www.ilaydaarden.com


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